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Now open for 5th Season in Beautiful West Cape May by APPOINTMENT ONLY
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For professional, relaxing and personalized massage therapy look no further! West Cape May's "Massage by Pearl" will put together a relaxing and personal massage experience to smooth away all the ripples in your karma. With your help, by communication with me, I can use multiple modalities to alleviate pain from arthritis, muscle strains or sprains, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle spasm, cramping and headaches. Massage helps to increase flexibility, relieve soreness, and speed muscle recovery from over-exertion. Not in pain? That's OK too! Just relax with a nice soothing massage to alleviate your stress ... and just let go! Massage will help you detoxify and stimulate circulation throughout your body.

I personalize my massages to you as an individual! Not all bodies are the same so your massage shouldn't be either. I want to help you meet your physical goals and improve your performance with stretching, compression, range of motion stretches and trigger point therapy. I try to focus your massage to target specific areas of chronic pain and aggravation.


Finesse instead of Force

With only 8 ounce of force and natural movements, Fascia is remodeled to match its internal blueprint. Fascia can blosson into pain-free function when released from restrictions. The opposite of traditonal massage, FMT is the next generation medical massage. There are less contraindications. FMT works when more forceful methods don't work or shouldn't be applied and can be used for all ages. Most specially those who suffer with CHRONIC PAIN from injury and FIBROMYALGIA. With FMT amazing changes occur as CHRONIC pain shifts into profound relaxation and self-discovery. FMT relieves the subtle tension that turns into nearly invisible chronic contractions Old bumps, bruises, injuries and minor or major traumas are dispelled gently and permanently. This also results in elimination compensation patterns in other parts of your body!

Call me; *609-675-4929* to set up a full body session

Experiencing the 30 DAY TRANSFORMATION

In a 30-day period, we will schedule 5 sessions. Each session lasts around 2 hours, or as along as you need to receive a full body session. At the end of one month, you'll notice *You'll have less or No pain or chronic tension! * You'll feel stronger, more moblie, more flexible. What happens after a month? One of the best parts of FMT is that results are longlasting! You may not need another. session for several months or a few years. If you would like a follow-up session: I am happy to accommodate you.

Talk to Pearl about a 30 day full body transformation.

Regular Rates: 60 minutes $95.00 or 90 minutes $140.00

All rates include New Jersey Tax

3 (60) minute massages for $225.00
6 (60) minute massages for $420.00
3 (90) minute massages for $330.00

Exfoliating Body Scrub and Massage. $165.00

A 90 minute therapy
Body scrubbing techniques are combined with massage used in tandem to exfoliate and improve your skin,while detoxifying the body and increasing circulation. After showering, a rich application of antioxidant moisturizer follows. This therapy is the perfect prep for a new season, or just a new day.

A Therapeutic Approach: *Swedish, *Deep Tissue, *Sports Massage, *Range of Motion stretching, or We can focus together on the massage for a particular issue or upcoming event.

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